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“Customer Service is not a department it’s everyone’s job.” - Anonymous Every employee of St. Bernard Hospital is committed to its vision of an unwavering commitment to excellence in healthcare, which begins with great service. A group of employees, called Stellar Performers created our Service Standards to which every employee must commit during New Employee Orientation.

St. Bernard’s talented workforce plays a big role in our reputation for quality. We are an equal-opportunity employer, and we seek out and hire team-oriented, professional employees who value serving our community.

Our staff receives a variety of benefits, including paid time off, health/dental/life insurance, long-term disability insurance, pension and tax-sheltered annuity plans, tuition assistance, access to a credit union, and free parking. All applicants must undergo a background check and drug testing.

St. Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center is committed to participate as an active partner in the well-being of the community we serve. Since our founding in 1904, St. Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center has been a continuously growing entity within Englewood and the Southside communities of Chicago.

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