Patient Access Creates Centralized Scheduling

St. Bernard Hospital is launching a new patient scheduling system that improves the overall patient experience and incorporates safeguards that complement patient safety measures.

Under the newly titled “Patient Access” Department, appointments for hospital procedures will be made through one central department. Patients (as well as physicians) can arrange a variety of hospital procedures at once, allowing Patient Access staff to cross-reference availability in each department and create a convenient and time-sensitive schedule for the patient.

“By identifying the needs of each patient, we can make hospital visits more productive and, at times, less frequent,” says Mariann Grabe, Director of Patient Financial Services. “We are now able to provide very concise pre-care information and follow-up instructions that reflect the patient’s specific needs.”

The addition of a licensed RN to the Patient Access staff establishes a critical link between patients and experienced nursing staff. Prior to an invasive procedure, all surgery patients will interact with the nurse to gain advice and perspective from a clinical point of view. Non-surgical patients who have specific clinical questions will also have access to the nurse at the time of scheduling.

“Patients have understandable concerns and questions at the time of scheduling a critical appointment,” says Grabe. “Having a nurse available to them alleviates concerns and allows us to communicate important information that will help the patient prepare for an upcoming procedure.”

In addition to campus-wide scheduling, Patient Access will also encompass Emergency and Outpatient registration, and Inpatient admitting. The department will be housed in a new space adjacent to the hospital lobby.

Patients and physicians alike also have access to a dedicated phone number – (773) 488-STBH. The hotline is a direct link to Patient Access appointment scheduling.