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Price Transparency

In keeping with the federal regulatory policy requirements, mandated by the
Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare
and Medicaid Services, St Bernard Hospital charge information is being
The hospital standard charge is the amount the hospital bills an insurer for a
service. In most cases, hospitals are reimbursed by insurance companies,
Medicare and Medicaid at a much lower rate than the amount charged.
Hospital charge information does not necessarily represent a patient’s
expected out of pocket financial responsibility. Each patient’s charges are
based on a patient’s medical condition, orders from a physician and a
patient’s actual insurance coverage.
There are some items that have a varying charge. These are usually
pharmacy (drug) and some supply charges. These charges change
frequently, based on purchase price.
For our uninsured patients, standard charges are discounted when charges
total $300.00 or greater.
Over 95% of St Bernard’s insured patients are covered by government
programs such as Medicaid, Medicaid replacement plans (Managed Care
Organizations), traditional Medicare or Medicare replacement plans
(Medicare Advantage plans). St Bernard does not negotiate rates with
these payers. These plans reimburse hospital charges based on very
specific payer systems that identify what is covered and not covered and
the reimbursement amounts.
Patients are encouraged to contact their insurance provider to understand
which charges will be covered and what may be the patient’s responsibility
based on their policy.
The charges listed are for hospital services (inpatient and outpatient) only.
All physicians that practice at St Bernard Hospital are independent
contractors and will bill for their services separately from the hospital.
We are here to help you understand your benefits and services and will be
glad to assist or answer any questions. Please contact us at


Pricing Transparency

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