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Labor and Delivery/ Obstetrics Unit

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Our newly renovated delivery unit offers:

  • Private mom and baby suites
  • Extended visiting hours for family
  • Family centered birthing rooms
  • State-of-the-art obstetrics technology
  • Celebration meals

New Life Begins Here

A healthy life begins with proper prenatal care. St. Bernard Hospital’s team of obstetricians will guide you through each step of your pregnancy, from helping you maintain a proper diet to preparing for delivery. Once your baby is born, we will connect you with a pediatrician to ensure that your child continues to receive the care he or she needs. If your child needs extra medical attention after delivery, our neonatologists are ready to diagnose the issue and properly care for your baby.

To find an obstetrician or gynecologist, check out our list of physicians by specialty.

St. Bernard Hospital has combined state-of-the-art technology with the care and compassion that you expect in an Obstetrics Department to provide a nurturing, welcoming environment for mothers and their newborn child.

Our family-centered delivery rooms are designed for privacy and comfort. Computerized fetal monitors and the HUGS infant security system ensures your child’s well-being.

Before and after childbirth, St. Bernard Hospital offers outstanding support services, including prenatal classes, breastfeeding instruction, and social services for young mothers. Our lactation consultant will educate and emphasize the importance of breastfeeding.

After your delivery, mom and one guest are treated to a celebration meal in her hospital room, where she can select from a special lunch or dinner menu. Prior to discharge new moms are given a car seat for their newborn’s safe journey home.

Did you know?

Lowest Rates of C-Sections

St. Bernard Hospital has one of the lowest rates amongst Chicago area Hospitals for C-Sections (19.4%).


In 2019 St. Bernard Hospital received the Bronze Breastfeeding Award from the Chicago Breastfeeding Task Force.

From prenatal to childbirth, to learning to care for your newborn and your new body, our staff is here to help you every baby step of the way!


Learn about what to expect during your pregnancy- changes in your body, nutrition, baby care, and the delivery process. Receive a guided tour of our birthing unit.

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact our Women’s Wellness Clinic at (773) 962-3939 or one of our independent OB/Gyns to help bring your baby into the world!

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