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“We generate safe, high-quality outcomes for many adult and pediatric non-operative conditions that are causing pain and discomfort and hindering daily activity.  Our clinic is close to where our hospital patients live and very convenient, especially when mobility is an issue.  And we can be a bridge – or even an alternative -- to surgery with our effective non-invasive procedures that restore function quickly.” – Dr. Daria Terrell, Orthopedic Surgeon

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We offer the latest minimally invasive options for pain

Gel injections and corticosteroids provide rapid relief with minimal complications and can often eliminate the need for surgery. 

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Excellent surgical care is available for certain conditions

General trauma and wound care, treatment for carpel tunnel, rotator cuff injury or nerve decompression for painful neuropathy, as well as surgery for bone and muscle tumors or common lipomas and cysts can all be performed by our accomplished physicians.   

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You can be seen rapidly and treated comprehensively

Whether athletic sprains, back and knee strains or simple fractures, we can get you an appointment quickly and make sure you heal properly.  We will also coordinate your care with your other treating physicians and seamlessly transition you to Physical Therapy, where you’ll learn techniques to avoid future injuries.

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