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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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“We listen carefully to each patient and their family members so we can accomplish their goals for recovery and mobility….they have our undivided attention during our therapy sessions.” – Mel Bibay, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Director

Our clinic features a results-oriented approach under careful supervision. We offer a wide range of physical medicine and rehabilitation options to put you on the road to recovery.

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Our therapies involve a unique science combining exercise, heat and cold, electricity and soft tissue and joint mobilization to strengthen muscles and promote return of motion. We offer the latest equipment including SCIFIT treadmill, Pilates Reformer, NUStep Cross Trainer, and a natural resistance water rower.

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We provide skilled interventions in occupational therapy so you’re capable to live an independent and satisfying life. We work to restore a level of daily activity and work; enable you to complete personal care and hygiene tasks; fully and safely use assistive and adaptive devices as needed to encourage independence.

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Specialty Services

Our speech and language therapies treat neurological, physiological and developmental disorders related to swallowing, voice, language and cognitive conditions; our nerve conduction tests for pain, numbness and tingling help us treat Carpel Tunnel, Herniated Discs, Pinched Nerves and Neuropathy; our therapists specialize in recovery with prosthetic (artificial limbs) and orthotics (braces).

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