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St. Bernard Hospital Scores “A” in Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade

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St. Bernard Hospital Scores “A” in Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade
The nationally recognized healthcare watchdog organization acknowledges the many improvements made by the South Side safety net hospital to elevate patient safety and care

CHICAGO (May 3, 2023) – – St. Bernard Hospital has received an “A” grade in hospital safety from the Leapfrog Group, an organization that collects, analyzes, and publishes data on safety and quality to push the health care industry forward.

In Spring 2021, St. Bernard Hospital was the only “F” grade hospital in the entire State of Illinois. Since then, the entire staff has made great strides to improve the safety and quality of care provided to all patients, resulting in the hospital’s receiving its first ever “A” grade.

Some strategies that led to the hospital’s improved grade were the introduction of the BioVigil hand hygiene monitoring system which helped capture over one million hand hygiene opportunities with a 90% compliance rate. The hospital also improved their safe medication administration processes to a 95-98% compliance rate, ensuring that all patients are receiving the proper medications.

“The Leapfrog score is a further step in the right direction and demonstrates St. Bernard Hospital’s continued dedication to serving its community,” said Charles Holland, President of St. Bernard Hospital. “Everyone should expect safe, quality and equitable care at our hospital, and we strive to exceed that expectation every day.”

St. Bernard Hospital is an advocate for more resources for hospitals that deliver care to underserved communities, especially resources that advance patient safety. Its mission remains focused on showing a special sensitivity to the culture of the people it serves and the special needs of the poor and powerless. By using the Leapfrog Group as a roadmap, the hospital was able to comprehensively focus on patient safety and make the necessary improvements. Additionally, the hospital’s Board of Trustees is engaged in efforts to advance patient safety.

“The Leapfrog score could not have been achieved without teamwork and diligence, and we appreciate the hard work that our entire staff has put forth to make improvements,” said Michael Richardson, the hospital’s Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer. “Moving forward, St. Bernard Hospital will continue its unwavering commitment in providing excellence in health care and promoting and fostering comprehensive community wellness in Chicago’s South Side community. We value the trust that our patients and the community place in us and will keep working to strengthen it.”

About St. Bernard Hospital

St. Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center has served the Englewood community and Chicago’s South Side since 1904. The hospital has 174 licensed beds and offers primary and specialty care, behavioral health services, dental care, imaging and rehabilitation among its services. Our mission calls us to care for the sick and promote the health of the residents in the community while witnessing the Christian values of respect, dignity, caring and compassion for all persons.

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