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Statement on St. Bernard Hospital’s Spring 2024 Leapfrog Grade

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The Leapfrog Group has issued its Spring 2024 patient safety grades for hospitals across the country. St. Bernard Hospital received a C. While we are disappointed about this grade, especially after the two A grades we earned in 2023, we believe it is important to provide context for this grade change and our plan of action moving forward.
First, and foremost, we’d like to note that the patient safety practices and procedures evaluated to determine the Leapfrog grade remain strong. The Leapfrog Group determined that we are meeting key patient safety measures including hand hygiene, safe delivery of medication, prevention of falls with injuries, infection prevention and more. We are proud that our care providers continue to maintain high standards in these critical areas.
While we continue to perform well on key patient safety measures, we need to improve on measures targeting the overall patient experience, which also factor into the Leapfrog grade. We strive to maintain dignified patient- and family-centered care, and now we are focusing on elevating our patient experience to the same high standards to which we perform on patient safety.
We have taken steps to improve our patient interactions. We now have dedicated new staff and resources focused on patient experience and have stepped up ongoing training and education. Excellence in safe, quality patient care is a journey. The latest Leapfrog grade will inspire us to humbly accept the challenges that come with providing safe, respectful patient care.
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