The leaders of St. Bernard work to bring quality, compassionate health care every day to our community. Meet the members of our leadership team:

Senior Team

Charles Holland
President and Chief Executive Officer

James Porter
Chief Financial Officer

Roland Abellera
Chief Operations Officer

Ronald Campbell 
Vice President, Coordination of Care

Evelyn Jones
Vice President, Nursing Services

Danny Rollins
Vice President, Ancillary and Support Services

Diahann Sinclair
Vice President, Organizational and Community Development
Executive Director, St. Bernard Housing Development Corporation

Board of Trustees

Chairman: Gregory Whitehead
Vice Chairman: Leon Jackson
Secretary: Henry Wiggins, M.D.
Treasurer: Sister Mary Pokorny, O.P.

Maria M. Ashley, D.D.S.
Sister Joanne Delehanty, O.P.
Charles A. Holland
Nataka Moore, Psy.D.
Sister Elizabeth Van Straten, RHSJ
Medical Staff President:
Daria Terrell, M.D.
Chief of Staff: Olalekan Sowade, M.D.
Medical Staff Representative:
Ashutosh Gupta, M.D.