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Yolanda Penny

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Chief Nurse Officer

"I believe providing quality, safe and compassionate nursing care to the Englewood community is our number one goal.  Our ability to provide needed services from our comprehensive emergency department to follow up in our ambulatory care center is our commitment to improving the health and well-being of the Englewood community.  We are committed to building a healthier community!"

Penny’s unique start at St. Bernard Hospital as a nursing student and unit clerk solidified her commitment to the Englewood community.  Her leadership roles at St. Bernard have grown from emergency department manager, director of nursing and now Vice President of Nursing Services. Penny received her Bachelor of Science degree from Chicago State University and notably earned dual master’s degrees in Nursing and Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2010.

Utilizing a shared governance and transformational style of leadership,. Penny has inspired others to achieve the common goal of providing high-quality care with respect and dignity. Under her leadership, St. Bernard’s Emergency Department received the 2011 Health Grades Emergency Medicine Excellence Award, which recognizes institutions for excellence in cardiac, pulmonary and critical care excellence.  This award served as a benchmark for quality care.  

As a professional dedicated to being a life-long learner, Penny has initiated various educational and training programs for the nursing staff of St. Bernard Hospital to ensure the patients of the Englewood community are receiving evidence-based care. 

She ensures the overall nursing goals and initiatives are aligned to advance the organization's success and reflect its mission and values. Penny is responsible for a team of over 400 employees, including nurses, advanced practice nurses, ancillary and clerical staff. 

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