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St. Bernard Hospital Emergency Department (ER) is the “doorway” into the hospital. Our comprehensive Emergency Department serves over 40,000 patients annually. As is the case for other facilities in similar communities, the demand for emergency care has dramatically increased over the years and often times serves as the “first stop” for medical service. With fifteen newly renovated treatment rooms, state of the art equipment and increased physicians hours we are ready to meet the needs of all who walk through our doors.

What Happens in the Emergency Department?

Our Emergency Department aspires to deliver the best possible care to all who arrive at our doors.  However we utilize a system to determine the patients in critical need of care (or experiencing life threatening symptoms) and those patients must be seen first regardless of their time of arrival.  This means that a person having an asthma attack will be seen before someone with a cold.

What to expect when you arrive:

  • You will be greeted and asked about your main reason for coming to the ER.
  • Next you will be taken directly to the back or asked to wait in the waiting room (depending on what is wrong with you).
  • Triaged next – Nurse or Nurse practitioner will examine you, take your vital signs and gather information for the doctor.
  • The doctor will then see you and determine if additional tests are needed.
  • If needed, tests will be conducted.
  • Once the results are ready the doctor will return and discuss the results and the care needed to address your health issue.
  • After the talk with the doctor, you will be discharged or admitted depending on the treatment plan that you and the doctor agree on.

Your illness can wait until your physician’s office is open or an appointment is available. Things that should be cared for here include:

  • Immunizations
  • Check ups
  • Fevers, flu, cold, cough, sore throat
  • Sprains, cuts

Motivated by our values of Care, Compassion, Respect and Dignity our team is ready to care for all who enter our facility.

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