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Mission Statement

A Roman Catholic facility founded by the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph and sponsored by Catholic Health International, St. Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center aspires to live the healing mission of Christ within the South Side community of Chicago. The mission calls us to care for the sick and promote the health of the residents in the community while witnessing the Christian values of respect, dignity, caring and compassion for all persons.

In all matters, St. Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center will show a special sensitivity to the culture of the people we serve and the special needs of the poor and powerless.

Vision Statement

St. Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center will be recognized for its outstanding leadership and unwavering commitment in providing excellence in health care, and promoting and fostering comprehensive community wellness in the South Side community in Chicago.

Motivated by its values, the family of St. Bernard Hospital will be sensitive and caring in reaching out to the community to facilitate the achievement of a physically, economically and spiritually healthy environment, characterized by high-quality health services and community development.

We will work to:

  • Ensure access to medical care that is responsive to ever-changing conditions in the community’s health care needs
  • Promote wellness and prevention of illness in the community, and be known as a resource for health education
  • Serve as a catalyst for change by empowering and partnering with organizations to enhance the provision of health care and economic development of the neighborhood
  • Support and nurture all members of our hospital family — individually and collectively — so that patients are provided with quality health care
  • Further the hospital’s leadership role in advocacy for people in need with particular concern for the poor and powerless
  • Advance the development of a safe neighborhood environment and community quality of life
  • Increase affordable housing, job opportunities and business development in the South Side community through productive collaborations

Values Statement

Within the context of living out our faith and being empowered by and strengthened by our gift of faith, we aspire to and commit ourselves to the following core values:


We will be sensitive and caring to the patients, the visitors, to the community we serve and to one another in our daily activities.


We will create a respectful, caring and supportive environment by listening to others with empathy and sensitivity, respectful of their feelings.


We will utilize sound business practices and fiscal control, using resources effectively to assure the continuation of the mission.


We will treat each person with dignity and acknowledge their unique worth and diversity as a human being. We will be sensitive to their right to privacy and confidentiality of their personal information.


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