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“Customer Service is not a department it’s everyone’s job.” - Anonymous

Every employee of St. Bernard Hospital is committed to its vision of an unwavering commitment to excellence in healthcare, which begins with great service. A group of employees, called Stellar Performers created our Service Standards to which every employee must commit during New Employee Orientation.

St. Bernard’s talented workforce plays a big role in our reputation for quality. We are an equal-opportunity employer, and we seek out and hire team-oriented, professional employees who value serving our community.

Our staff receives a variety of benefits, including paid time off, health/dental/life insurance, long-term disability insurance, pension and tax-sheltered annuity plans, tuition assistance, access to a credit union, and free parking. All applicants must undergo a background check and drug testing.

St. Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center is committed to participate as an active partner in the well-being of the community we serve. Since our founding in 1904, St. Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center has been a continuously growing entity within Englewood and the Southside communities of Chicago.

Service Standards

CARE- To show that I am sensitive and caring to patients, visitors, the community we serve and colleagues in my daily activities, I will:

  • Project a positive attitude through my body language, tone of voice, and word choices; as well as be courteous, polite and respectful.
  • Advocate for patients/customers by speaking up when I see unsafe conditions or care that is below standards.
  • Practice GREAT CARE

G- Greet patients, visitors, and staff warmly

R- Relate to each person I encounter in a way that is meaningful to that person

E- Explain what I am doing

A- Ask questions, including if there is anything else you can do

T- Thank the person and tell next steps

C- Make sure patients are comfortable

A- Provide patients with access to what is important to them

R- Assist patients with using the restroom

E- Provide a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for patients

  • Actively listen to others by focusing on the speaker, paying attention to what is being said, maintaining eye contact when face to face, not interrupting, and repeat back or paraphrase what was said
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Personalize my encounters by making every patient, visitor, and staff member I meet as comfortable as possible
  • Work to understand patient/visitor needs, to address those that I can, and to ensure that those I cannot meet are fulfilled by the appropriate person
  • Make decisions thoughtfully, responsibly, and with care

COMPASSION – To create the supportive environment for my customers and coworkers that I would want for myself or my loved ones, I will:

  • Be an advocate for our patients/customers by acting or interceding on their behalf
  • Recognize and react appropriately to the emotional needs of others, asking questions to be sure I understand how the current situation is affecting them, and responding in a way that helps them
  • Be responsive, help others communicate their needs to the right person, help them find resources and solutions, and coordinate with others on their behalf (rather than be reactive)
  • Choose to set aside my needs or priorities to address the immediate needs of patients/customers or coworkers
  • Thank, appreciate and encourage other staff members
  • Graciously accept complaints or negative feedback
  • Give other people the benefit of the doubt

RESPECT – To affirm the unique worth of each person with whom I engage, I will:

  • Honor the dignity and privacy of persons at all stages of life
  • Maintain confidentiality of all patient/customer and coworkers’ privileged information
  • Communicate openly, clearly and effectively
  • I will “conduct business” with peers in English and when interacting with patients/customers or staff
  • I will respect the cultural and language needs of patients and seek to accommodate them in the care that I provide
  • Collaborate with leaders to meet patients/customer needs
  • Be open to the ideas of others and accepting of those ideas that meet identified patient/customer needs
  • Present myself professionally and be a good example to others by dressing appropriately, being dependable, and addressing problems with coworkers directly before involving others
  • Use technology to enhance rather than interfere with or replace my interaction with others

STEWARDSHIP – To demonstrate that I am being careful and responsible in using resources effectively to ensure the continuation of our mission, I will:

  • Treat all St. Bernard resources with care and respect
  • Support the financial health of St. Bernard by containing costs, reducing waste, and making the best use of company resources
  • Take ownership by doing everything I do to the best of my ability, the first time and every time; and by demonstrating a willingness to learn and to improve; I will work toward consistency in not letting things fall through the cracks, putting forth extra effort, and volunteering for difficult assignments
  • Take initiative, seeking creative and innovative ways to improve myself and the quality of care or work that I provide
  • View processes from my patient’s/customer's perspective and continuously improve them to better meet their needs
  • Practice teamwork both within and between departments, working cooperatively in an environment of respect, drawing on all the resources available to get the job done
  • Anticipate and prevent problems whenever possible; if problems arise, acknowledge them, apologize for the situation, and act to resolve the problem
  • Champion for the hospital and speak of the great things happening at St. Bernard
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